This page presents the Prime Minister’s speeches. What is said may differ from the written word. In such cases the rule is: check against delivery.

The English page only contains the speeches that are available in English.

Earlier speeches are categorised according to the Prime Minister and the year in which they were delivered.

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The night between Friday and Saturday, 129 innocent people were killed in Paris and hundreds were injured. Among them several are severely injured, still fighting for their lives. Therefore we still do not know the full extent of this dreadful attack.
Denmark is a lovely country. One of the best in the world. This is something that we Danes can quickly agree on.
Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, Excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen,
70 years ago this organization was born in the chaos and ruins of the Second World War. It was born with the hope and vision that the future would be better and more peaceful than the past.

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